RUNHKG was inspired by designs of the 1980’s and 90’s. Since then the streetwear brand has revamped its old school skate aesthetic to keep up with today’s style. Casual classics like graphic tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and tracks are presented in a diverse mix of striking colors and bold patterns. The use of bright colours and outstanding graphics lends an ample amount of diversity to the range but keeps its cohesiveness through the logo placement and stripe motif.

The brand started in 2011 under the name RUN OKI. Established in Okinawa Japan, it was created by Managing Director, Sanjay Moorjani. The main focus was to support the street culture of everyday life ranging from street dancing, art, movies, comics, graffiti etc.

Being influenced by the streets of Okinawa during those days the two founders of Run Oki, Ken Moorjani and Sanjay Moorjani, were called an art themselves.

In 2014, the streets of Hong Kong were more alive. A niche market of the street culture in Hong Kong appeared amongst the fashion and pop culture.” – Dean Daswani – CEO of RUN HKG. Dean​ ​had a vision​​ to bring the HK people together in unity,​ ​despite having his roots in Japan his faith and​ ​belief is with the “HK People”. He always stated that he would love to give back to the HK people and community, but how?​ ​By representing the People, Culture, Livelyhoods, and Workforce, he decided to come up with the brand of representing “HK PEOPLE” Hence RUN HKG was born.

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